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It has come to my attention that there are "knock offs" of the BCR on the market. Unfortunately, it is not just the price that's the difference. I have decided to make this information available to educate you on the big difference between the products.

The BCR is now patented and the only legally manufactured battery replacement: Patent #7282892.

If components are sold by a manufacturer with the clear intent to reproduce a patented product, then it is an indirect infringement and still violates patent infringement law.

Examine the difference for yourself...



  • Circuit is conveniently installed in a nine volt battery case and fits in all engines.
  • Proven by more than 165,000 units in service
  • BCR rated at 10.8 volts.
  • Will work in Proto Sound 1 and Proto Sound 2
  • Each capacitor is protected from over charging by a zener diode
  • Recommended by MTH
  • BCR has a greater capacitance value.
  • Capacitance is measured in micro farads.
  • BCR has 750,000 micro farads or .75 farads.
  • That’s 50% more capacitance.


Price is $24.95 for .75 farads

24.95/.75 = 33.27

That’s $33.27 / 1 farad   

Shipping is only $8.00

Some knock offs are as high as $13.00

Knock offs

  • Circuit is shrink wrapped or in a case, but always has additional wires and a connector to deal with.
  • Some do not fit in the battery bracket and have to be secured in some other way.
  • Major modification necessary in some engines. In some engines, it will not fit at all.
  • Rated at only 10 volts.
  • It will not work properly in PS2 engines. PS2 engine will charge circuit to 10.4 volts.
  • Each time the circuit is overcharged it will shorten the life of the circuit and eventually the circuit will fail.
  • No overcharging protection.   
  • Highest rating is 500,000 micro farads or.5 farads


$19.95 for .5 farads

19.95/.5 = 39.90

That’s $39.90/ 1 farad

To compare price $33.27/.5 = $16.67

Knock off should cost $16.67 fully assembled

I have done electrical tests on the BCR and the “knock offs”. The results are listed below. Because the BCR has a higher capacitance it will take a little longer to charge, but will hold a charge for a longer time. After the track power is turned off the BCR provides more power to shut down the sound system than any “knock off” on the market.

Power is applied to engine


“knock off”

After 30 seconds


9.00 volts

"   45 seconds

9.0 volts

9.25 volts

"    60 seconds

9.7 volts

9.90 volts

Power is turned off to the engine
(circuit completely off)

8.55 volts

8.25 volts

After 1/2 hour

7.29 volts

6.14 volts

   "    1 hour

6.50 volts

4.30 volts

   "   2 hours

5.27 volts

2.88 volts

   "   3 hours

4.40 volts

.84 volts

   "   4 hours

3.40 volts

.28 volts

Some suppliers are now offering parts for you to manufacture a "knock off" of the BCR

The cost for these parts alone are $16.00 plus $11.00s/h and are not of the capacity or the quality of the BCR, as the chart has shown.

That's $27.00 and you have to assemble it

For $24.95 and $8.00s/h, that's $32.95. The BCR is completely assembled, ready to use and with 50% greater capacity.

Be sure to check our quantity discounts that will bring the price of a BCR, fully assembled down, to $22.68.

Consider all the facts and you will see that the BCR is a much better deal!

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