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Dedicated to the model railroader

Dedicated to the
model railroader


Home of the BCR/BCR2

Welcome to the J&W Electronics web site, dedicated to the model railroader.  We specialize in electronic circuits to enhance the operation of your model railroad.

bcr ver 3 transWe are now offering the BCR (Battery Component Replacement) for your Lionel* and M.T.H. engines (PS1 and PS2 engines with nine volt batteries). It is a permanent replacement circuit for the 9 volt battery. It eliminates the problems associated with dead batteries.


bcr2 ver 3 transThe BCR 2 is used in the PS2, three volt system. If your PS2 engine uses a battery pack with two AA batteries, in a blue plastic wrap, or 2 AAA batteries in a green plastic wrap or your engine has been upgraded to PS2, you can now replace that battery with the BCR 2.


Phil Collins SAYS...

I just finished installing all five BCR's and every engine runs fine.  You might be interested in the voltages of the NiCads I replaced.  The best one was 6.92 V,next 6.74 V, then 3.62 V, then a scary one-.43V and lastly the one that really shook me up -.2V - reverse polarity.  That was in the Challenger and would have fried the electronics if I had put power to the engine...


Pennsylvania TCA Show
Show specials when items purchased AT THE SHOW
on April19, 20, and 21st
Booth GG7 - Orange Hall (Utz Bldg) 
Looking forward to seeing you there!!!

Special Offer  BUY 10 BCRs

*Offer cannot be combined with any other discount or offer.

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