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We regret to inform you that the owner and founder of J&W Electronics, Wayne Renga, has passed away. After a long battle with cancer, God took him home on April 1st, 2017. Wayne Renga dedicated many years to model railroading. Through God's blessing, his hobby became his business, J&W Electronics. He loved helping his customers and became good friends with many of them. He was granted a patent in October 2007 for his invention the BCR. He was an active member of the Stillmeadow Crossings Train Club. Model trains were his life. Wayne will be greatly missed by his friends and family and all those who interacted with him through his business.
Donations can be made in his memory to the Stillmeadow Crossings Train Club.

J&W Electronics is still in business and taking orders.

    Welcome to the J&W Electronics web site, dedicated to the model railroader.  We specialize in electronic circuits to enhance the operation of your model railroad.  We are now offering the BCR (Battery Component Replacement) for your Lionel* and M.T.H. engines (PS1 and PS2 engines with nine volt batteries). It is a permanent replacement circuit for the 9 volt battery. It eliminates the problems associated with dead batteries.
If you store or display your engines and decide to run them, you may find that the M.T.H. engine will not operate, or the M.T.H. and the Lionel* sound system will not shut down properly because of a dead battery.  The BCR can be installed and after applying power for one minute in the reset position (first position when the engine is turned on), the engine will operate again, just like having a fully charged battery.
The BCR looks like a 9 volt battery, works like a 9 volt battery, but doesn't act like a 9 volt battery.

It fits in your 9 volt battery holder and connects to the 9 volt battery clip.
There are no extra wires to deal with, no modification necessary on any engine.
         This device allows you to store or display your engines and never need to charge your battery to operate them.  After one minute of applying power, at 10 volts or more, to activate the BCR, the engine will be able to fully operate.  No longer do you have to replace the battery or be concerned about the battery leaking and damaging your engine.  The BCR can be left in the engine indefinitely. After turning the power off to the track, the BCR will hold a charge for 2 to 3 hours, depending on the engine. If you have not operated the engine in 2 to 3 hours, power up the engine in the reset position, for one minute at 10 volts or more.

Patent # 7282892

Now available the BCR 2 (used in the PS 2 three volt systems)


Buy 10 BCRs
Get 1 Free

Buy 10 BCRs for $249.50($24.95 each) and receive one free
That's $22.68 per BCR
or a savings of $24.95
Buy 10 BCR2s for $199.50($19.95each) and receive one free
That's $18.14 per BCR2
or a savings of $19.95

Be sure to mention this offer when you place your order

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*requires an additional charging circuit